Geotargeted Ad Fraud – Types And Remedies

Geotargeted Ad Fraud – Types and Remedies

BIA's complimentary Geotargeted Ad Fraud webinar, Wed March 21st from 2pm-3pm EST, tackles both a well-recognized and growing problem in digital media. In this webinar, we’ll dissect what’s going on in geotargeted ad fraud and explore the different kinds of fraud…

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Using Marketing Automation To Sell To SMBs (video)

Using Marketing Automation to Sell to SMBs (video)

As SMBs increase digital marketing spend, agencies that target them with marketing automation can gain a competitive edge. This was the focus of a recent BIA/Kelsey webcast (and companion white paper) co-hosted by Vendasta. But more important than the "why?" is the "how?".  Addressing…

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