Strategies for Selling to Co-Op Advertisers

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LCM19_SMBS that use Co-op Advertising Funds

Co-op advertising programs are popular with SMBs, particularly larger SMBs, according to our Local Commerce Monitor , Wave 19 (Q3/2015).  Our Plus Spenders are SMBs that spend more than $25K annually on advertising and more than a third (39.3%) of this group uses Co-op programs. Companies marketing to larger and higher spend SMBs are missing an opportunity to increase SMB ad spend by not facilitating co-op programs.

As shown in the chart above, SMBs that use co-op advertising funds like a blend of traditional and digital media for advertising and promotion. Direct Mail is the most popular of the traditional media, with 41.3% usage. Email and a website follow close behind.

Co-op advertising dollars are available and – with the right effort – they can be put into play.

For more on co-op advertisers, join BIA/Kelsey on Wednesday, July 27th for a webinar on strategies for selling to co-op advertisers and a discussion of our U.S. Local Advertising Forecast.

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