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xAd Takes Home a Smartie

Congrats to xAd for winning an MMA "Smartie" award for Enabling Technology Company of the Year. This comes right after it was recognized by Business Insider for Hottest Pre-IPO Adtech startups. xAd in many ways is carrying the flag of…

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Content Marketing in the Age of Mobile/Local/Social

One theme that emerged at BIA/Kelsey’s recent SMB Digital Marketing conference was the emergence of content marketing for local merchants. This was kicked off in a session by Jed Williams and popped up a few more times.

As a retrospective on some of those themes and a look at their future implications, my Street Fight column this month unpacks it further. As a bonus, I even found a way to incorporate Twerking, speaking of trend analysis.

The column came out yesterday and an excerpt is after the jump, with the full article available here.  We’ll continue to keep a close eye on this topic (but likely not Twerking).

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edo Marketplace Launched for Retailers and Brands

One way that big data is being applied at the local level is via Card Linked Offers that track consumer spending and target offers and promotions based on that behavior. Banks, credit card companies and payment processors have been especially…

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SMB Digital Marketing: Some Top Takeaways

Thanks very much to all the members of the BIA/Kelsey community who came to the Leading in Local: SMB Digital Marketing conference last week in Austin. We had quite a large crowd of about 500 people, and did some really…

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Video’s Starring Role in SMB Marketing Success

The strong growth and future prospects for online video for SMBs were discussed by three notable panelists involved in this area at SMB Digital Marketing. Led by moderator, Rick Ducey, Managing Director at BIA/Kelsey, these panelists covered the extraordinary growth…

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