Bookshelf: The B2B Executive Playbook

Business-to-consumer companies have tried to invade the business-to-business space in multiple instances, almost always with disastrous results. The logic for B2C companies is always there: move up the value chain with great big accounts that require no branding efforts. But…

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Ambassador Media Files Chapter 7

Ambassador Media Group filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Friday, citing debts of more than $10 million and assets of only $4 million. A Chapter 7 filing usually signifies a company's intent to liquidate. With $4 million in assets and $10…

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MasterCard Jumps Into Deals Space

American Express is all over the deals and promotions space, with its Link, Like, Love campaign on Facebook; Twitter offers; and geo-based deals on Foursquare. Its Serve product also has been providing deals for AOL's Until now, there has…

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