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Now more than ever, there’s a tremendous opportunity for marketing automation sellers to engage SMBs with search engine optimization combined with social marketing.  SMBs that want to connect with customers online are utilizing search-optimized web presence linked across multiple channels, including social media, and finding that the combination of social and search is yielding more robust and effective results.

We recently published a new report, “Selling SEO and Social Automation to SMBs” that takes a deep dive into the optimal approach for sellers of marketing automation to expand their product mix to include combined SEO and social marketing services.

The report covers key topics like the digital competitive environment for SEO/social, what to think about when staffing and supporting SEO/social products, as well as different types of engagement models sellers can use to maximize their ability to sell SEO/social combined products and services.

Join me, and Boostability’s Kelly Shelton, on August 9th at 2:00PM EST as we present key findings from the report during a live webinar, “The State of SEO and Tips for Selling to SMBs”.

The webinar will cover a lot, but we’ll be focusing on:

  • How to balance the complexity of SEO and social content management with the need to stay aligned with customer in-store and online messaging
  • How and when SMBs should add SEO and social marketing to their sales investments.
  • The optimum approach for sellers of marketing automation to expand their product mix to include SEO and social marketing.

The event is designed to help media companies and publishers understand how they can develop or refine a rich solution set that rapidly assists their SMB customers with their SEO and social content opportunities.

Be sure to Register here for the webinar.

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