, 20 Sep 2014


As we gear up for our LEADING IN LOCAL: SMB Digital Marketing conference, there’s a lot to look forward to. Local Market Launch, a startup that helps companies manage the online presence of local stores, just announced a suite of channel partner solutions that the company claims will make it easier for partners to deliver business listings management services to their SMB clients. Local Market Launch is set to exhibit its full suite of business listings management solutions for SMB channel partners for the first time at our conference next week.

These enhancements are being released at a time where Local Market Launch has been gaining traction with the market – 1000 percent growth in the number of locations being managed. As a result, their staff has nearly doubled.

Bryan Coryat, founder and CEO of Local Market Launch, had this to say in their press release:

“We have always had a parallel focus on delivering a solution that helps SMBs get found everywhere their customers are searching, while also making it easy for our channel partners to manage their clients’ business listings across all relevant digital channels. The enhanced services we are rolling out address both of these goals. They also offer our channel partners the flexibility to creatively integrate these new solutions within their unique SMB platforms.”

In addition to Local Market Launch’s product exhibition, 50 plus industry leaders will grace the stage at LEADING IN LOCAL: SMB Digital Marketing Sept. 22-24 in New Orleans. We’re looking forward to a great show. Don’t miss out on all the excitement in local media.

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, 19 Sep 2014




Last week, call tracking and analytics provider Ifbyphone announced not one, but two major milestones. First, the company announced that it has raised $30 million in series E funding – bringing its total funding to $60 million. It also announced the acquisition of call tracking provider Mongoose Metrics.

With the infusion and acquisition, we asked the company where it’s headed next.

“We will focus on what we have always done: developing the most innovative products, providing the best customer experience in the industry, and expanding our organization to support our growing list of clients,” said Steve Griffiths, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at Ifbyphone. “With the Mongoose Metrics’ team at our side, we are well positioned to do so.”

The Ifbyphone platform is designed to help businesses drive, track, analyze and route phone calls to the most appropriate sales rep to convert them into revenue. The company has been providing call-based marketing technology solutions for SMBs and the agencies that serve them since its launch in 2005.

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, 18 Sep 2014


YP has named David Lebow to the newly created position of Chief Revenue Officer, reporting to CEO David Krantz. Lebow was previously executive vice president, digital markets. This promotion puts Lebow in charge of YP’s enormous 4,000 person sales organization.

Lebow joined YP in January 2013. His career has spanned some of the biggest brands in digital and broadcast media, including AOL, Clear Channel, Internet Broadcasting and Group Commerce.

Back in May, Lebow was a featured speaker at BIA/Kelsey’s “Leading in Local: The National Impact” event in Atlanta.

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, 17 Sep 2014

The name of the game this week is gearing up for our big SMB Digital Marketing conference in New Orleans. I’ve been spending lots of time talking to speakers about what we’ll discuss on stage — which has mostly focused on the day 2 session: Brass Tacks: Where is Mobile Actually Working for SMBs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 4.41.48 PM

As the title indicates, this will cut through the hype in SMB mobile marketing to see what’s really working. One little known fact is that most location based mobile marketing today is national advertisers. As an ad medium, it hasn’t really moved down market to SMBs in a scalable way (yet).

That has a lot to do with the traditional challenges of the SMB segment in its slower adaptiveness, and sales challenges. So there are a just a handful of players that are selling and fulfilling mobile tools to SMBs in a meaningful way. We’re happy to say that we have those players on our mobile session.

Those include Yelp, YP, Verve Mobile, and Paypal. Each have done lots of impactful things over the past year. We’ll mostly discuss their approach, what’s working, what’s not working, and how does that shed light on where winning strategies may lie for the coming phases of SMB mobile marketing?

So we’ll be talking to them on stage,  one by one. Hope to see you there.

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, 17 Sep 2014


As part of our ongoing coverage of call monetization, we held webcast to further unpack our analysis and findings. You can watch the free on-demand replay (streaming slides and voiceover) here.

This comes at an opportune time, when call monetization is gaining mainstream awareness in the smartphone age. High intent calls to businesses are conducive to mobile search, and businesses want phone leads. Google’s recent Website Call Conversions push this forward, as we discuss in the webcast.

The discussion was co-hosted by bandwidth, a company positioned at the center of the call tracking and analytics opportunity.  Bandwidth’s longstanding position for powering phone calls now enables it to provide call tracking and analytics that are at the heart of the call monetization opportunity.

We discuss the ins and outs on the webcast, which follows a white paper we did with bandwidth. Both pieces of content drill down on best practices of driving phone leads to local businesses. The webinar topics, themes and takeaways are all outlined below. Click the image for the streaming replay.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.12.09 AM

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