Moore Joins Yell as CDO

Yell announced this week that Microsoft MSN Partner and Producer Scott Moore will join Yell Group as its chief digital officer. Moore will report to Yell Group CEO Mike Pocock and will be based at a new Yell office in…

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ILM Asia: Google Pitches Partnership

Speaking today at ILM Asia in Singapore, Google's James Sanders made a very direct appeal to directory publishers to resell Google advertising products to SMB advertisers in the Asia-Pacific region. "Globally, Yellow Pages companies are our most successful partners," Sanders…

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ILM Asia: Time to Transform Is Now

My colleague Charles Laughlin kicked off ILM Asia -- a conference organized by BIA/Kelsey and the Asian Directory Publisher Association (ADPAI) -- with the results of a survey of business leaders operating in the local search space in Asia. Among…

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Yellowbook CEO Walsh to Step Down

Joe Walsh, the executive who arguably did more than anyone to make the Yellow Pages a competitive industry in the United States, has resigned as CEO of Yellowbook, the U.S. division of U.K.-based Yell Group. Walsh has been with Yellowbook…

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More Great Mobile Data From Mary Meeker

I just got finished watching KPCB’s Mary Meeker give her semi-annual data dump at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. As always, it was quite comprehensive and quite good.

And as in the past, much of it focused on mobile connectivity, device sales and the overall marketplace disruption we’re seeing come out of the mobile sector.

“We’re in the middle of one of those once in every 10-20 year shifts,” she said. “Mobile connectivity is at the center of that, and mobile devices just nearly outshipped PCs.”

Being somewhere between a few of my own presentations, I’ll give a few highlights and save the rest for later. Indeed, these slides will be a key part of lots of presentations you’ll see in the coming months.

Below are a selection of the mobile slides (only about 10 of the 70 total slides she showed). Most of them are after the break, to save room. And the entire presentation is available on Scribd.



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