BIA/Kelsey Expands Social Media Focus

Today I am excited to announce that BIA/Kelsey has greatly enhanced its focus on social media to include dedicated coverage on our Local Media Watch blog and a new Continuous Advisory Service called Social Local Media. BIA/Kelsey Analyst Jed Williams…

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Facebook CTO: We’re All About Mobile

It's a well-cited stat that almost 200 million Facebook users access the network monthly on mobile devices. That's out of a total user base that is approaching 600 million (1/10 of the planet). At the Inside Mobile Apps conference in…

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Google Boosts Mobile Ads (Again)

Google continues a long line of recent mobile advertising additions with today's launch of Boost ads for mobile. This is essentially the mobile version of Boost, which it launched on the desktop in October. There it joined Tags in an…

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A Mobile Local App That Saves Lives … Nice

Often we'll cover mobile apps that actually utilize the form factor (portability, location, camera, accelerometer, etc.). Not often enough, we'll cover apps that accomplish some degree of social good. Sometimes we'll hit up both, like with Good Guide or City…

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