Intuit Acquires Online Scheduler Full Slate

BIA/Kelsey has just learned that business accounting software giant Intuit has acquired the online scheduling company Full Slate. The plan apparently is to connect Full Slate's capabilities to another recent Intuit acquisition, the digital marketing services player DemandForce. Intuit acquired…

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Why My Money is on SMB Mobile Advertising

SMBs that utilize mobile advertising distinguish themselves by more than being trendsetters. They are spending more advertising dollars, tend to be early adopters in their use of digital compared to their counterparts and are savvier in how they leverage data…

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Billion Dollar Opportunities in Hyperlocal

Jason E. Klein, Founder and CEO of On Grid Ventures, led a StreetFight Summit panel of investors exploring where the next billion dollar opportunities in hyperlocal might be. Joining Klein were Matt Turck, Managing Partner, First Mark Capital and Ben Siscovick, with IA…

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TedX: The Rise of Local TedX Events

One of the most amazing cyber-stories is the redevelopment of the elite TED - Technology, Entertainment and Design -conferences into a multi channel, multi city and multi country branded phenomenon. Since 2009, there have been 7,552 TED events in 151…

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