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Just before lunch at ILM Asia, Sidharth Gupta, CEO of Getit Infoservices, shared his company’s vision of the future. It was comprehensive and holistic.

In his talk, Gupta spoke of the evolution that is occurring around the world and in India as it relates to the directory space. Gupta’s vision embraces a much wider swath of media options that his sales representatives can and should be selling to their advertising customers.

These range from traditional directive advertising products and extend back into television and other traditional media. He also emphasized the important opportunity of building a strong consumer brand.

Getit, currently a know media brand in 50 states within India, intends to extend this coverage to more than 100 states. This is a lofty goal and one that will certainly require significant resources, precise marketing and operational excellence. Gupta promised to return to ILM Asia in 2012 and share how Getit Infoservices is doing on its aggressive and aspirational path.

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