RingRevenue Raises $4 Million

Today, RingRevenue announced it has raised a $4 millon Series B round led by GRP Partners and Rincon Venture Partners. This brings the company's total funding to $7.6 million since its 2007 founding. The vote of confidence was based on the…

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NBCU To Launch ‘The 20’ Top Local Twitterers

  • November 30, 2010

Local media brands continue to look for ways to populate their sites with local bloggers and Twitterers. In return, they provide them with a bigger platform. The latest to jump into the game is NBC Universal, which paidContent reports has…

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Yellow Pages Around the Globe

I recently spent two weeks attending directory industry events and meeting with companies in the space in Europe and Asia. Many of the issues facing the industry are amazingly consistent across geographical boundaries. There is a need to transform, and…

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Mobile News Aplenty

Perhaps in anticipation of next week's slow news cycle (at least in the U.S.), this week has seen a particularly frenetic pace of mobile industry news. Lots of our coverage is in the previous posts and pages. Beyond that, here…

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Local Insight Media Files for Chapter 11

Last night, Local Insight Media's parent company filed for Chapter 11 protection. In speaking with President and CEO Scott Pomeroy early this morning, it became clear that this is a necessary step in ensuring the business can recapitalize its debt…

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Internet Summit 2010: AutoTrader a Successful Dot-Com

  • November 18, 2010

Leading off the day at the Internet Summit, Chip Perry, CEO of AutoTrader, revealed that the company's main business focus is not on e-commerce but on filling the gaps in the consumer shopping experience and providing valuable tools for sellers.…

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Internet Summit 10: The Future of Online

  • November 17, 2010

Content remains king on the Internet mainly because there are more ways to produce, connect and interact with content than ever before. According to Rod Smith of IBM, “there are more ways to dig into content than ever before, but…

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