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Fresh off its partnership with Target, and just in time for the holiday shopping season, Shopkick has announced it’s available in the Android Marketplace. The free app will contain all of the features of its iPhone forebear.

This obviously now expand its addressable market considerably. As for the other end of the equation, Shopkick’s retail partners continue to grow in number and depth. The company claims it will be active in 1,000 retail stores and 100 of the countries largest malls by Black Friday.

Growing user availability plus growing retail support will be a powerful one-two punch for Shopkick — also a classic chicken-and-egg challenge, which it’s doing a fine job tackling. For more, see our past coverage, including yesterday’s thoughts from Shopkick CEO Cyriac Roeding at Web 2.0.

Evan Tana, Shopkick director of product management, will also speak at our upcoming Interactive Local Media conference. Hope to see you there.

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