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BIA/Kelsey has just published a Briefing that examines HubsSpot Sales SVP Mark Roberge’s presentation at last month’s Leading in Local: SMB Digital Marketing even in Austin, TX.

By all accounts, the 15-minute presentation was a clinic in how a local/SMB sales force needs to operate in today’s environment. The session went into detail on how HubSpot runs its sales organizations, while also exposing some of the big ideas driving sales transformation. This is a must read for anyone involved in local/SMB sales.

Key Takeaways

* The sales process has essentially flipped, with buyers approaching sellers having already traveled far down the path toward a purchase decision. Effective content marketing is therefore critical to winning the customer.

* Outbound selling is far too inefficient to be a sustainable model in local/SMB sales. Driving high volumes of quality inbound leads and then managing them efficiently is key to winning in modern local/SMB sales.

* Consistency is king. Sales organizations must have a consistent process for recruiting, training and managing the sales force. Otherwise success will be more random than repeatable.

Roberge will be expanding on his talk in Austin with a keynote address at BIA/Kelsey’s upcoming Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media conference in San Francisco.

Summary: In September 2013, BIA/Kelsey held its “Leading in Local: SMB Digital Marketing” conference in Austin, Texas. At the event, HubSpot SVP of Sales and Services Mark Roberge gave a compelling view inside his company’s cutting-edge sales and lead generation process; the latter driven by sophisticated content marketing. His core message was that the process of selling must be driven by data and analysis, so that success is repeatable and predictable. This scientific approach creates a much more efficient and effective sales organization. The notion of using robust data to drive sales efficiency is a breakthrough idea that makes it possible to attack the often intimidating local/SMB opportunity with a smaller sales organization than once thought necessary.

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