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Marchex announced two new products today, meant to further clarify attribution for successful call-based ad campaigns. Known respectively as Call DNA and Dynamic Tracking, they both work towards clearer advertising ROI, and iterative campaign optimization.

This basically comes down to insights on which calls convert to sales. The goal here is to lower customer acquisition costs and bring in more high value leads. Analytics to determine quality calls is vital for call based marketing and this is the latest addition for Marchex.

The new offerings join the company’s existing Call Analytics platform. From today’s press release:

Call DNA provides:

— A simple, easy-to-understand visual of what happens on phone calls using automated call scoring technology.

— A break-down of what leads to improved sales and overall business performance.

Dynamic Tracking provides:

— Details on what, exactly, triggered a phone call from a mobile consumer to an advertiser. This includes specific keywords, ad impressions and Web-based sessions.

— Easy campaign optimization to drive more calls from new customers.

This has implications for improving ongoing call-based ad campaigns, given that campaign attributes are evaluated in greater detail. For example, the keywords and impressions that lead to quality calls are made more transparent, and in an automated way.

The automation point is important in call tracking, given that businesses of all sizes can’t spend time pouring over call recordings and decipher the data on their own. Speaking of time-saved, the objective — in addition to more effective campaigns — is operational efficiencies.

In other words, the intelligence gathered from call analytics can enable predictive modeling to route incoming warm leads to the best sales reps. Similarly, bad calls can be routed to IVR systems rather than eat up valuable time for big call centers and SMBs alike.

These concepts aren’t new for Marchex and others that play in this space, but today’s announcement further boost the ability to improve margins for companies that acquire business over the phone. That’s of course a growing population in today’s mobile world.

“Up until this point, people have associated long-lasting calls with high-quality calls. But that’s like equating a long line at a store with happy customers,” Ziad Ismail, SVP of Product & Engineering at Marchex told BIA/Kelsey. “Call DNA goes beyond this flawed metric of call duration. It lets advertisers understand what is happening on phone calls at scale, so they know exactly what’s working well with their process and what isn’t.”

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