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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

JitterGram for Local Merchants: ‘Show the Phone!’

A lot of small businesses are tinkering with mobile media, especially adding Twitter. We heard recently from sales consultant Mel Taylor that Naked Pizza in New Orleans, which is backed by netpreneur Mark Cuban, is getting 15 percent of its walk-ins via Twitter. (read more…)

Can Coupons Revive Yellow Pages?

Here is an interesting item from the local CBS station in San Francisco. Apparently a 20 percent off coupon in a San Francisco Yellow Pages directory (the item doesn’t say which one) for the Rainbow Grocery in the Mission District is so popular that it has made the local book a hot commodity, at least for bargain organic grocery shoppers. (read more…)

Publishers Moving Into Social Media With New Brands

According to an article this week on, AT&T will launch a Yelp meets Yellow Pages site later this year. The new site will carry a new brand that does not invoke Yellow Pages, but something that appeals to the non-Yellow Pages crowd, namely people under 30 who rarely or never use the phone book or an IYP. The article cites AT&T’s David Yoo in explaining how the site will perform in a different manner from Yellow Pages, while leveraging YP content: (read more…)

TV and SMS: A Conversation With SinglePoint

Today I had the opportunity to catch up with SinglePoint Marketing Director Philippe Poutonnet. SinglePoint powers all the text-in response campaigns for Bravo (“Top Chef,” “Project Runway,” etc.), MTV, Viacom and other top networks. This usually involves “American Idol”-style voting for a variety of programming.Users who text in are typically given a response that SinglePoint has begun to utilize for targeted opt-in ad delivery. The response could include a link to a mobile site, a mobile video, click to call or a coupon. (read more…)

3GS to Cause Another Bump in Mobile Web Traffic

Apple’s much awaited iPhone 3GS has shipped and will be available in stores tomorrow. Some pre-orders have already been fulfilled, and the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade was released yesterday (compatible with previous version iPhones). Needless to say, the news media and blogosphere have been abuzz over the second coming of the iPhone 3G. (read more…)

SuperpagesDirect’s DM Card Pack

The extension of Yellow Pages’ reach via other media is well under way. We’ve seen versions of Yellow Pages advertising on the Web, CD-ROMs, billboards and interactive TV. And we’ve heard Yellow Pages advertising on various phone services as well. (read more…)

Geodelic: Drilling Deeper on Mobile Local Content

Today I had the chance to talk to Geodelic founder Rahul Sonnad, former Microsoft engineer and founder of thePlatform (acquired by Comcast in 2006). Geodelic, founded in 2008 with funding from Clearstone and Shasta Ventures, is working on a somewhat novel approach to location-based mobile apps. Instead of just locating the nearest gas station or coffee shop, it goes deeper to provide info on what different locations are all about. (read more…)

AdMob: 40% of iPhone Users Access Mobile Web More Than Wired Web

AdMob today released the latest in its string of data points of consumer mobile usage. Like many of the past data the firm has released, these are supportive of the opportunity to advertise on iPhones (mobile Web sites and apps).Most notably, the data reveal that 40 percent of iPhone and iPod Touch users access the Internet more frequently from these devices than from their home computers. This is a pretty significant figure. (read more…)

MapQuest Launches iPhone App

MapQuest today announced the availability of its MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app. Its previous moves into the iPhone were limited to an iPhone optimized site, otherwise known as a Web app. MapQuest 4 Mobile is a native app, which can be downloaded in the App Store and has much more functionality. (read more…)

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