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The extension of Yellow Pages’ reach via other media is well under way. We’ve seen versions of Yellow Pages advertising on the Web, CD-ROMs, billboards and interactive TV. And we’ve heard Yellow Pages advertising on various phone services as well.

Direct mail is good too. Last week, my “affluent” home received a SuperpagesDirect Card Pack in the mail. The cards extend Superpages SuperGuarantee — although none of the cards in the deck actually carried the shield (they weren’t services).

Included in the decks is a card for, an auto site recently acquired by Idearc Media. The cards are also viewable online by clicking on‘s “coupons and deals” link from listings. All in all, an effective offering.



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  1. Have you seen ATT and Dex’s offerings of Direct mail and what’s your opinion? Do you think Valpak should watch out?

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