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32 percent of mobile ad spend in the U.S. is from location targeted campaigns, according to BIA/Kelsey forecast data. But a question that keep coming up is how much of that is from SMBs, as opposed to national companies (brands, agencies, etc.), that do location targeted mobile advertising?

We examined this question at our September SMB Conference in New Orleans (video below). The answer: less than 10 percent. That can be expected, given mobile advertising’s still-nascent status, and the fact that SMBs tends to trail larger advertisers that generally have more resources and savvy.

But interestingly, this SMB share will grow to one third by 2019 — thus approaching the 36 percent SMBs hold in overall location targeted advertising. In other words as mobile local advertising matures, it will resemble the split seen in the overall local media pie (YP, radio, TV, online, etc.).

The SMB mobile adoption itself will come from 1. their own natural evolution to self serve, which is in turn supported by available tools like Google’s Enhanced Campaigns. 2. The efforts of local media companies like YP and Yelp to better push mobile advertising, and make a stronger case for it.

See the video below for more. We’ll continue this discussion and many others at our Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media¬†conference, only 2 weeks away in San Francisco. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Samsung emerged in at second place with 28.3 percent of smartphone subscribers in the U.S.,
    losing 1.4 points of floor.

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