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Last week at BIA/Kelsey SMB, we introduced a new construct that will define BIA/Kelsey coverage in the coming weeks, months and years: The Local Commerce Universe (LCU).

Because we were so caught up in the conference and its action-packed program, it’s time to reintroduce the LCU. It presents the myriad startups and local media companies providing local marketing and operational capabilities.

But it’s much more than just a graphic… it will be a jumping off point for deeper analysis within the many categories that make up the industry map. Organized into “galaxies” it will be a key reference tool for local.

The graphical representation of the LCU is above, and the video we used to introduce it at the conference is below. You can get a free copy of the high-resolution graphic by tweeting #localverse — we’ll reply to you with a link to the map.

Much more to come on this, including the conference video where we introduced the LCU and began to discuss its finer points. There was and will continue to be lots to say on the trends that are defining the LCU’s expansion and opportunity.


Let us know what you think. If you’d like to have your company included in the graphic, we’d like to talk with you. 

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  1. Why would YP not be listed in the platform section of this graphic? I believe we have more revenue in our platform than most of these players have in theirs.

  2. Great representation of the local commerce universe. It highlights how fragmented the market is and ripe for consolidation. Seems like everyone is tapping into this market to try to get a mindshare of the small-medium business (SMB). -makeitmindful

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