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Starting from a review of 3,200 companies, BIA/Kelsey has organized a new view of 575 companies providing local marketing services across 30 business categories. The Local Commerce Universe (LCU) presents the myriad startups and local media companies providing SMB marketing and operational capabilities.

This will be a jumping off point for deeper analysis within the many categories that make up the industry map. In the meantime, you can get a free copy of the high-resolution graphic (in low resolution above) by tweeting #localverse — we’ll reply to you with a link to the map. Also see our LCU animation in the embedded video below.

BIA/Kelsey analysts Abid Chaudhry and Mike Boland explained that this new view of the market is critical to navigating the collision of local media with global social and advertising channels. Organized into “galaxies” by business category, the LCU will be a pivotal reference tool for local media companies and startups to map their opportunities.

And like the finer views of the physical universe delivered by new tech and deep space probes, we’ll be adding detail to the LCU frequently.


Let us know what you think. If you’d like to have your company considered, please contact Abid Chaudhry

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