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The name of the game this week is gearing up for our big SMB Digital Marketing conference in New Orleans. I’ve been spending lots of time talking to speakers about what we’ll discuss on stage — which has mostly focused on the day 2 session: Brass Tacks: Where is Mobile Actually Working for SMBs.

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As the title indicates, this will cut through the hype in SMB mobile marketing to see what’s really working. One little known fact is that most location based mobile marketing today is national advertisers. As an ad medium, it hasn’t really moved down market to SMBs in a scalable way (yet).

That has a lot to do with the traditional challenges of the SMB segment in its slower adaptiveness, and sales challenges. So there are a just a handful of players that are selling and fulfilling mobile tools to SMBs in a meaningful way. We’re happy to say that we have those players on our mobile session.

Those include Yelp, YP, Verve Mobile, and Paypal. Each have done lots of impactful things over the past year. We’ll mostly discuss their approach, what’s working, what’s not working, and how does that shed light on where winning strategies may lie for the coming phases of SMB mobile marketing?

So we’ll be talking to them on stage, one by one. Hope to see you there.

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