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Call measurement ad provider Telmetrics released its 2012 local search trends today, with a heavy focus on the role mobile is playing in local search and ad performance management. Here are Telmetrics’ top four trends/predictions this year in mobile innovation:

1) Pay Per Call Goes Mainstream With Mobile: An increase in mobile adoption rates has lead to a more familiar mobile knowledge base that will drive pay per call programs, as opposed to the steep learning curve that initially came with online advertising.

2) Mobile Propels Pay Per Action: Advertisers recognize the omnipresence of mobile and the availability of data on its platform. Therefore, they are willing to track and pay for calls, QR code reads, map/directions downloads and any other concrete action that signifies a purchase is imminent.

3) In-App Call Tracking Rises: Expectations are that consumers will continue to create their favorite apps list and use them as a resource for purchasing goods and services, more so than mobile browsers. As a result, advertisers will track the impact of in-app activity on call volumes and sales, including social apps like Facebook and Yelp.

4) Marketers and Advertisers Shift to Mobile-First Strategy: Low ad budgets and mobile tracking capabilities will mean a market shift of companies that will create a digital strategy that focuses on mobile first, before branching out to other platforms that may supply similar metrics.

Last month, we reported that Telmetrics brought its m.Call platform to iOS, giving mobile app developers another tool to monetize apps where high-intent local searches are happening.

At the end of last year, we reported that the Toronto based�call measurement provider had expanded its services in 10 European countries. Although Telmetrics has served North America for more than 20 years, the company continues to reach out to the global local search market. Defining and monetizing the mobile marketing performance model will likely serve an integral role in that outreach.

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