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Google has experienced five times growth in mobile search during the past two years, according to Google Mobile’s Surojit Chatterjee, who was keynoting our SoLoMo Morning at ILM West in San Francisco.

Mobile usage generally complements the desktop, with huge spikes on the weekend and in the evening and at lunch, said Chatterjee. “When people go out for lunch, people are searching more on their mobile than on the desktop.”

Chatterjee said vertical segments have been especially high with mobile. Almost 17 percent of auto related queries are mobile, 17 percent of travel and car rental, and 32 percent of restaurants.

Mobile also is very strong for converting searchers. Seventy-seven percent of mobile searchers contacted a business; 44 percent led to a purchase and 59 percent led to a merchant.

Proximity and location, in fact, have become important criteria for Google search ranking. Make your ads location aware and help users make a decision quickly,” said Chatterjee.

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