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ILM West: Social Leaders Discuss Local Innovation

Leveraging social media models to drive more traffic and sales is one of the "works in progress" in the local ecosystem. At ILM west, we had a special session dedicated to exploring the innovation in the space. Panelists included Payvment's…

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Cheat Sheet for ILM West Next Week

Our flagship event, ILM West, is next week in sunny Los Angeles (weather forecast: in the 70s). We have a bulging attendee sheet, and 47, hand-picked thought leaders on stage. Here's my personal cheat sheet on some of what's happening:…

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ILM West Opening Keynote: Bill Gross, CEO, IdeaLab

In the great tradition of ILM keynotes, we have landed one of the best yet: Bill Gross, CEO, IdeaLab. It is definitely fitting to have THE premier Los Angeles tech leader and visionary to start things off for us at…

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Topline ‘Local Marketplace’ Predictions for 2012

The idea of an online marketplace has continued to evolve dramatically in 2011. With the emergence of deals, we now have full-fledged interactive local commerce in place, in addition to advertising. It seems that everyone has jumped into the pool.…

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