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The Nordics directory publisher Eniro seems to have a success on its hands with its new “search and purchase” directory, launched Sept. 29. The company announced today that since that product was launched, the number of searches for “points of sale and companies” on has increased by 40 percent.

In addition, the company’s stock price spiked today, closing at SEK 7.75, up more than 33 percent from yesterday’s close. It is unclear whether the spike is related to the successful online directory launch, but Eniro did announce the traffic figures this morning.

The new site is the outcome of a strategy focused on building a much more robust content database, and then monetizing that data through a variety of channels. The strategy was developed by former CEO Jesper Karrbrink, who was recently let go and replaced by former Telenor CEO Johan Lindgren, who the Eniro board felt had a stronger financial background.

You can learn more about the new directory here.

UPDATE Oct. 6, 2010: The Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange halted trading on Eniro shares today due to rumors of an offer being made on the company, which explains yesterday’s surge in Eniro’s share price. The company released a statement today regarding the trading halt. Eniro is currently in negotiations with its banks to modify the terms of its debt.

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