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The Nordic directory and search company Eniro has signed a deal with Amdocs to use its digital advertising system to help power its expanding online advertising network.

According to Amdocs, the key elements of the deal are:

  • Eniro selected Amdocs products and services to deliver digital advertising products under a managed services model, and support the day-to-day IT operations.
  • Amdocs will provide Eniro with search and contextual ad serving using multi-dimensional targeting; ad campaign and budget management; and distribution partner management and analytics.
  • Eniro will consolidate its multinational operations onto one Amdocs system to reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies, and to better monetize the growth in online traffic with its digital advertising offerings.

“Eniro is transforming its business from print dependency to online opportunities. A cornerstone of our online strategy is to strengthen our position in pay-per-click search advertising,” said Jesper Kärrbrink, President, Eniro Group, in a statement announcing the deal. “This initiative plays an essential part in our plan to grow faster in the Nordic online search market. Modern and sophisticated technology is crucial to deliver on this ambition.”

More from the press release:

“Eniro’s digital advertising operations are growing rapidly and today serve hundreds of thousands of advertisers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland. For example, its performance-based pay-per-click advertising is distributed across a network of 200 web sites.”

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