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Local radio and television stations are in various stages of extending the broadcasting business model from traditional over-the-air to an array of digital platforms. This allows both new inventory with different attributes to be sold and a critical revenue growth path. How these digital incentives by broadcasting firms get resourced, managed, executed and evaluated is going to become an increasingly important part of the economic profile of the industry. Broadcasters need to know what’s working or not and why. They need to understand the opportunities and the threats in the digital media ecosystem. And broadcasters need to make commitments to the digital space in a meaningful but responsible way that ties back to corporate missions and the need to generate revenue growth.

These are the ingredients behind our new advisory service, “Digital Strategies for Broadcasting.” Technology can drive new workflows, partnerships and revenue streams, and in doing so challenge existing management and operational structures and processes. Running a broadcast company with digital media assets is quite different from running a traditional broadcast property.

BIA itself has taken the “digital plunge” with its acquisition of The Kelsey Group, which extended our expertise, knowledge and relationship base into digital media. With the launch of DSB we are leveraging those resources along with the expertise, data and services BIA has provided the broadcast industry with since 1983.

The explicit goal of DSB is to help our advisory clients develop and execute their digital strategies as successfully as possible. This may mean broadcasters but it can also mean assisting those firms elsewhere in the local media ecosystem looking to understand and work more productively with broadcasters as partners, service providers or vendors.

For more information about Digital Strategies for Broadcasting, click here.

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