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Today’s impatient, demanding, empowered and mobile-first consumer has an attention span that rivals that of a goldfish and expectations that would make any diva blush. Today’s consumer wants its information fast and mobile optimized, and has developed very high standards for service quality. Failing to meet consumers’ rising expectations leads to lost business and negative ratings on social media.

It is becoming a much bigger challenge for merchants to break through, capture and retain consumers’ attention. There is also an opportunity for SMB sellers to help merchants optimize their digital presence for the new digital savvy consumer.

In a webinar this week co-presented with Buzzboard we offered data illustrating the challenges today’s consumer presents to merchants and those selling to them. For example, there was a seven-fold increase in the time spent on mobile devices from 2010-2015, and 87 percent of millennials report that their smartphones never leave their sides.

The webinar concluded with a series of imperatives for SMB sellers in this hyper attention-starved environment. Bottom line, if you aren’t helping merchants stay ahead of the curve with consumers, you will lose the business to someone who does.

Those who missed the webinar can access a replay, along with a copy of the presentation.

slide from webinar





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