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In all the excitement around mobile and location targeted ads, there’s rarely public discussion to actually define ad strategies and formulate tactics. The blogosphere and generalist tech media instead speak in tired jargon about how mobile is changing the world.

While riffing on this marketplace deficiency recently with xAd, we decided to do a webcast to start to establish a playbook for selling location targeted mobile ads. That will start with some level- setting definitions of what we mean by “location targeted mobile ads.”

The goal from there is to evolve the conversation to how location targeted ad campaigns should be sold. We’ve seen some hesitance on the buy side to adopt mobile, so we’ll discuss the messaging that best captures its value; including fusing it with existing media.

This will play out in a role playing exercise between xAd’s Therran Oliphant and myself.  He’ll try to sell me (and my car dealership) a mobile local ad campaign. I’ll put him through the ringer with challenging questions and rebuttals. We’ll have some fun with it.

This will will hopefully personify some of the challenges of selling location targeted mobile ads — and conversely, the messaging that best captures its value proposition.  The webcast is free and we hope to see you there. Register here or click on the image below.

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