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Every day Manhattan’s roughly 1.6 million population expands by another 4 million, as workers and tourists flood onto the island to trade bonds, shop or take in a show.

Golocal Awards finalist xAd helped the Broadway musical Mamma Mia attack the huge opportunity these day trippers represent by developing a place-based targeting campaign aimed at reaching visitors based on their location and intent to drive them to spend an evening dancing away to an ABBA-themed Broadway hit. The Golocal Awards are designed to showcase innovation in local marketing strategies for national brands.

We spoke earlier today with Therran Oliphant, xAd’s director of platform marketing. He walked us through what the program was trying to achieve and how xAd brought some of its unique assets to bear to make it happen.

Check out this video to hear Oliphant talk about xAd’s “Mobile Shines Bright on Broadway” program, a finalist in the “Strategic Use of Digital Marketing” category. The Golocal finalists will be showcased at the end of Day 2 at BIA/Kelsey’s “Leading in Local: The National Impact” conference, May 7-9 in Atlanta.

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