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Gearing up for our MLM San Francisco conference on June 27, we’re holding a free webcast this Tuesday to give a sneak peek at the topics that will be most prominent within the program.

This will be built around a series of “top 10” trends that are driving innovation and investment in mobile local media. And we promise to make it short and sweet: We’ll be rifling through these to avoid the unwieldy webinars that are becoming all too common these days. It will also be data-driven and concrete: no platitudes.

The trends are below and you can join us Tuesday to get the deeper dive. You can also join us at the conference itself next month to get an even deeper dive. The speaker roster is really tying the room together. For now, we hope to see you on the webcast, for which you can register here.

Update: We’ll be providing a code for discount registration during the webinar

Mobile Local Media Trends: Top 10 List

Trend 1: Mobile Ad Revenues Take Off
Trend 2: Local Dominates Mobile
Trend 3: Action! Mobile Ads Come Into Their Own
Trend 4: Yelp, Foursquare & Facebook: The Mobile Leaders Monetize
Trend 5: Native Content Will Win the Day
Trend 6: Mobile Shopping & Payments Close the Loop
Trend 7: Mobile & Social Collide
Trend 8: The Mobile Web Enters Adolescence
Trend 9: Investment in Mobile Ratchets up
Trend 10: What’s Next in Mobile Local Media?

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