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Local isn’t easy, or even worthwhile. Chris Devore, Seattle-based co-ounder of Judy’s Book, wants to remind entrepreneurs to stay away. In a new blog post, Devore gives three top reasons NOT to do a local + online start-up:

1- There’s no money in it.
2- It doesn’t scale.
3- It’s too obvious.

“Combine expensive, high-touch selling, small budgets and high churn rates, and you have a perfect recipe for persistent negative margins,” says Devore. “There are literally millions of business opportunities that [are] …. better than the best local business I’ve ever seen.”

It’s a good blog post with sound reasoning. I suspect Devore, one of the most passionate entrepreneurs out there, has a major local project up his sleeve and will be socializing it at ILM East in Boston March 26-28.

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  1. I think everyone in the Local space is going to agree with these points. Its a hard slog and no-one is going to deny it.

    Some of us just enjoy this massive challenge.

  2. Local is a big challenge but if you find the right formula it can also be very rewarding as we found out at NoProblem.

    Advertisers are looking for the right leads in real time as well as full transparency of their activity.

    This is why our pay per call activity is doing so well in several countries around the world.

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