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Large companies with lots of local touchpoints, such as retailers and restaurant chains, often have trouble adequately representing the local end. That’s the goal of Kenshoo Local, a recently launched division of Kenshoo, the worldwide enterprise online “demand generation” firm with 120 people and offices in nine countries (and which has just received a new round of funding from Sequoia Capital). Roughly half of Kenshoo’s business is in the U.S., a third is in Europe and the rest is in Asia.

GM Sivan Metzger says Kenshoo Local’s technology was explicitly designed to boost local conversion rates and maneuver the intricacies of geotargeting and vertical specialties, while maintaining operational efficiencies. For instance, clients may stumble when they assign geocodes in a large metro area, or when they are attempting to convert international currencies.

Metzger emphasizes that the company’s sole focus is on technology, not fulfillment, which is left to clients, which may include online directories, agencies, publishers, vertical powerhouses such as and small-business providers. Each handles large volumes of local or SMB campaigns.

Agencies, in particular, need help handling their second-tier accounts such as local car dealers, says Metzger. The dealers may not be able to receive the same personalized attention in a large agency as top 20 clients. Yet by focusing on scalable delivery, Kenshoo Local helps agencies, such as Havas, deliver “enterprise level” services.

Looking forward, Metzger says the company has been working with retail clients on inventory issues, and is now capable of pushing specific SKUs for retail clients to the top of search rankings – a capability that veers into specialized retail capabilities offered by companies such as and

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