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I didn’t have the chance to go to O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco this year, but it’s always a good show for broad and futuristic views of the world and of technology. Mobile has been a hot topic at the show, as it is at all tech conferences these days.

We often talk about “blue sky” mobile technologies and apps including augmented reality (games, navigation, etc.). Many more applications of mobile technology we haven’t thought of will continue to develop — driven by one big feedback loop of hardware capabilities, user behavior and software/app develompent.

The latest coolest example was demoed today at Web 2.0 by a French company called Parrot. It uses an iPhone to remotely control a flying drone. The controls and stability appear to be pretty solid, and it includes an AR component. The video does a better job showing it in action. Check it out below.

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