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I like the “For Dummies” series a lot — more than 1,700 different Dummies books have been published since 1991. But it never occurred to me that there could be a volume geared toward local online advertising. It occurred to Yodle CEO Court Cunningham, who has now co-authored “Local Online Advertising for Dummies” with business consultant Stephanie Brown.

The book is a good reference for our industry. It is easy to understand, full of practical tips and leaves no stone unturned. Every time I’d say “I bet they forgot that,” the next page would prove me wrong. I like also that the book is a straightforward guide, and plays no favorites.

I imagine Yodle will pass out a zillion of these to its small-business clients. It isn’t a bad idea for any of us to give to people who would like a practical guide to our industry. It isn’t, however, designed to be a book for industry insiders. Here’s the Amazon link.

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