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This coming Wednesday, BIA/Kelsey will host a free webinar about reputation management and how it’s becoming a growing area of local online ad spend. It will feature commentary from BIA/Kelsey’s Matt Booth as well as executives of Marchex and SMBLive.

This will be a key topic of interest to local media companies in the coming months, and something we’ll increasingly focus on (including the upcoming ILM conference). Get a sneak peek of what we’re talking about and why this will be big. Register for free here.

The Communications Revolution: E-Mail, Reputation and Presence Management

Wednesday, Oct. 14

2 p.m.-3 p.m. EST

The rapid growth of digital word-of-mouth through online reviews and social media presents a challenge for small and medium-sized business owners, who are not typically involved in, and are often unaware of, the online conversations taking place among consumers.

BIA/Kelsey predicts this is about to change as SMBs adopt more sophisticated marketing practices that require advanced communications platforms for e-mail, reputation and presence management (ERPM).

During this webinar, BIA/Kelsey Senior Vice President Matt Booth is joined by Alex Hawkinson, founder, SMBLive and Matthew Berk, executive VP, product engineering, Marchex, to provide an in-depth look at the unfolding business, market and what it means.

The panelists will discuss the latest revenue forecasts, challenges facing SMBs, as well as how technology and partnerships can evolve to better enable businesses to respond to consumers’ opinions, concerns and requests.

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