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Today at EADP, I had the privilege of participating on an analyst panel with Peter Buxton, Jesper Simonsen and Jim Easton. The panel, moderated by Kimberli Lewis and Michael Oschmann, was a lively discussion of global trends in the directory industry.

I argued that in order for the industry to succeed in the next decade (yes, we will close the first decade of the 21st century in about three months), its key participants will have to reorient their businesses. This will require a transition from being print and online directory publishers to being marketing service providers to small and medium-sized businesses.

I suggested that the industry think of itself as being in the Directional Marketing Services business. What better time to reposition an industry than at the turn of a decade?

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  1. That makes a lot of sense. YP companies have direct relationships with businesses all over the world and should be able to sell them valuable marketing services whether in print YP, online YP, or other forms of marketing that may not be provided directly from YP companies.

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