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Top Billing Radio Owner Groups in 2023

Top Billing Radio Owner Groups in 2023 Author: Suzanne Ackley, Senior Research Analyst, BIA Advisory Services We recently released our annual list of the Top 10 Radio Stations by over-the-air revenue. Now, let's examine the top billing list for 2023…

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Succession Planning for Radio Owners

About 30% (or about 460) of the commercial radio owners with an estimated $80 million or less in total revenue in the U.S. made their most recent acquisition or launched their newest station 20 or more years ago. Nearly 15%…

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Radio Versus the Duopoly: The 2x Equation.

BIA's recent forecast for 2021 shows Radio as #5 among the top five ad media for local spending. Mobile (smartphones, tablets) and Online (desktops, laptops) claim the #2 and #3 positions. If we combine the spending across these three media…

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