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In our current survey we asked SMBs how they like to purchase digital advertising. SMBs prefer “Do-it-Yourself” (DIY) over assistance. Only 19.4% reported preferring some type of assistance aka “Do-It-With-Me” (DIWM) or “Do-It-For-Me” (DIFM).

SMBs prefer DIY because they believe it’s convenient and saves money, which SMBs ranked as the top two DIY motivators in the LCM survey. Given the DIY ad models of Facebook and the like, and the on-demand activities of consumerism, it’s not surprising SMBs do not want assistance in purchasing their digital advertising. However, once they purchase more than 50% indicated they want assistance in managing their digital presence advertising and properties.

When it comes to selling DIY products to SMBs, make sure your product purchase path is clear and simple. According to our survey, SMBs feel they are getting a better deal purchasing online versus other methods, so offering “act now” special pricing or different term commitment models to SMBs can be the key to acquisition. SMBs say that clear and easy to understand instructions, and providing support via phone or chat are key factors that impact their decision.


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