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Though localized mobile marketing has been a topic with a certain degree of sex appeal over the past few years, most of it is decidedly unsexy. There’s lots of nuts & bolts tactics for things like multi-location landing page strategies and SEO.

Though “mopocalypse’s” impact didn’t live up to its hype, mobile website optimization remains critical. That’s particularly true for multi-location businesses that compete in several different markets at once. It’s all about getting data cleansed and organized.

That plays out in lots of ways, which we examined with Placeable during a session at BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL. The company has a good perspective as it works directly with lots of brands to get their location data and localized marketing strategies in order.

You can see my interview with the company embedded below, as well as chapter links that take you to each of the five “tips” we went over for optimizing multi-location campaigns. Stay tuned for lots more conference video footage.

Video chapter links

Multi-location marketing: who’s doing it best
Tip #1: Create landing pages for every location
Tip #2: Ways to make sure landing pages are complete and accurate
Tip #3: Make sure offers and promotions are refreshed often
Tip #4: Include comprehensive reviews and sources
Tip #5: Mobile landing pages: how to navigate mopocalypse
Conclusions & takeaways

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