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SMBs in the entertainment vertical love video advertising. We’re talking movie theaters, event venues, catering, on-demand performers*, etc.. As is conducive to their craft, they’re big fans of online video, particularly website and YouTube videos. They’re also big on cable and broadcast TV.

This is according to BIA/Kelsey’s latest cut of SMB survey data (information below). On average, these Entertainment SMBs spend 12 percent of ad budget on video, much more than overall SMBs. When applied to their high ad spending, this notably produces an average annual video spend of $4,000.

This class of SMBs are also heavy users of social media of all types, and have a high interest level in advertising and marketing services. This is the wrap: Entertainment SMBs are good prospects for video and social media products. They use a lot, spend a lot, and they have their antennas out.


These were a few of the top-level findings of the latest cut of LCM 18, focusing on SMBs in the Entertainment vertical. Clients of BIA/Kelsey can access this report through our client portal. The report is also available for purchase, and more information on the LCM survey is here.



*SMBs in Entertainment is a roll-up category that includes: Restaurants, Bars, Hospitality (Catering/Hotel), Music, and Entertainment – miscellaneous.


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