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We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Boston Mon-Wed. for our next conference gathering entitled “Leading in Local-The National Impact.”

The title of this event represents a bit of a change for us. BIA/Kelsey has always focused attention on the local SMB community. That business group continues to represent a significant revenue opportunity for those in local media.

We’ve observed a shift. National brands are now quite interested in using local interactive media platforms as they seek to grow sales. The large national brands do see a distinct benefit of “localizing” their messaging and marketing.

The question for local media brands is simple: are you in a position to offer these national brands the assistance they need?

Marketers on a national level are increasingly aware of the dangers of watching millions of dollars in brand/product messaging get lost or become ineffective because of poor execution at the local level. Store managers and franchisees can be forgiven for allowing these subtleties to pass them by but that doesn’t hold true for the corporate marketing department that gets stuck living with these mistakes.

If you are in any way related to the development of revenue in your company and you’d like to learn more about what national brands are doing to localize, you need to join us in Boston next week. Visit our website ( to learn more and take a look at our agenda.

Hope to see you there.

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