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Following closely behind the launch of Spot Mixer’s version 2.0, Jivox has announced a new series of SMB video ad creation tools. This also follows the May release of its video management tool for publishers.

The new features include (according to the release):

  • Embed videos on a website. Post marketing videos created on the Jivox platform for free to your site or blog to improve natural search results and engage and build trust with visitors. Save bandwidth and IT costs, because Jivox hosts the videos for you.
  • Link to videos in email campaigns. Dramatically increase open rates and conversion by embedding marketing video into your email campaigns; include a link to a custom video landing page for your business, and get a free video listing in the Jivox Business Directory.
  • Upload videos to sharing sites. Automatically upload videos to popular video sharing sites like YouTube; drive traffic to your website and campaigns, and build a following for your company’s videos by engaging web viewers.
  • Upload videos to directory listing services. Automatically upload your videos and business information to popular directory listing websites like Google Local. Help customers find your business and show them exactly what you offer via engaging video content.

Similar to Spot Mixer’s introductory offer (30-day free trial), it’s offering $75 off for new sign-ups, as well as a “Video Marketing Success Kit.” This includes instructions for video components like coupons, testimonials and “how to” content. I haven’t reviewed the kit but this is a good idea to appeal to SMB advertisers that may view video production as daunting.

This is one of the challenges of getting SMBs to sign up for self-serve advertising. We’ll take a closer look in an upcoming report on the current state of self-serve advertising across video, SEM, display and mobile.

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