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Google’s pending sale of its Google Radio product to broadcast software platform provider WideOrbit helps the search giant with its attempts at managing margins by cutting expenses and selling assets. Google acquired dMarc, which formed the basis of Google Radio, back in January 2006 with the expectation of applying its technology driven and scalable efficiencies to the traditional media.

Google was keen to explore the radio connection. AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong, then Google’s VP ad sales, noted at the time that Google was “committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media.” The notion was to take Google’s technology and advertiser network to old line media and harvest low hanging fruit.

WideOrbit has been serving broadcast clients since its founding in 1999. It is rated No. 1 by traffic directors managing more than $12 billion of ad revenues on 1,300 stations and networks including the major TV networks. While WideOrbit has a radio platform, the addition of Google Radio to its capabilities will enhance the overall package.

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