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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Google Maps: Now With Auto-Location

TechCrunch reports that location awareness has come to Google Maps when accessed from Chrome and Firefox browsers. This basically means that Google Maps on your desktop will locate you (based on Wi-Fi positioning) the same way it does on mobile devices. (read more…)

Mobile TV: To Be or Not to Be

One of the biggest themes of May’s Winning Media Strategies conference was how television and radio broadcasters can reach mobile users. This is especially opportune for television, given the growing segment of smartphone users with bigger and better screens. (read more…)

Inergize Digital Adds ‘Seek It Local’ to New Local Search Directory

Inergize Digital adds Seek It Local, a new local search directory service for radio and television broadcasters seeking to beef up their digital inventory for advertisers and consumers. Getting into the local search business can be a critical move for broadcasters seeking to offset challenges to their traditional revenue streams. Broadcasters have natural advantages in their local markets, including strong brands, content and locally deployed sales forces. (read more…)

Universal McCann: 14% of Media Time Spent on Mobile

Universal McCann and AOL released a joint study yesterday saying that one out of every seven minutes of media consumption per day happens on mobile devices in the U.S. This is yet another supporting point to mobile media’s increasing saturation in our lives. The study surveyed 1,800 individuals, 95 percent of whom use mobile media to fill downtime, 82 percent while at work, 81 percent shopping, 80 percent at home and 65 percent while commuting. (read more…)

Oodle Adds Twitter, Sees Common Thread With Facebook et al

Oodle has added Twitter to its outlets for social classified listings. Oodle’s other social media outlets include Facebook, MySpace and AOL. CEO Craig Donato says he hopes to apply the learnings to Twitter from its launches on the other sites. Oodle is obviously less affected by Twitter’s 140-character limit than other media, since classifieds are typically pretty short. (read more…)

Dealix Rolls Up ‘Big 3’ Portals for Auto Quotes

Providing price quotes to online auto shoppers (and the auto ecosystem of lead providers and OEMs) has been a tough business for third-party auto sites. It involves a lot of interaction with thousands of individual dealerships. But Cobalt’s Dealix has jumped into the fray, and is now using its relationship with thousands of new car dealers to provide the service to all three of the leading consumer portals — MSN Autos, which has 4.1 million shoppers; AOL Autos, which has 5.8 million shoppers; and as of this week, Yahoo Autos as well. (read more…)

Local Insight Consolidates Under Single Berry Brand

Local Insight Regatta Holdings announced the consolidation of its two principal operating subsidiaries, Local Insight Yellow Pages and The Berry Co. The consolidation was accomplished by merging Local Insight Yellow Pages, Inc., into The Berry Co. LLC. (read more…)

Angie’s List Makes Lifetime Memberships Available

When it comes to lifelong memberships, people often confuse commercial entities, such as sports teams and rock bands, with nonprofits such as universities, the Sierra Club and other things that are worthy of presumptive annual support. Now we come to Angie’s List. It isn’t really marketing them. But the premium rating service for local SMBs is now offering lifetime memberships to enthusiastic fans who might believe they are endorsing a cause. (read more…)

Google Chrome: An OS for Netbooks

Google has made the long-awaited and rumored announcement that it will launch an operating system. Carrying the same name as its Chrome browser, it will be built specifically for running lightweight Web apps on machines that are built around Web access. In other words, it’s a shot at Microsoft and the longstanding paradigm of big, heavy operating systems built to run robust desktop software. (read more…)

R.I.P. Printed Blog

TechCrunch reports today that The Printed Blog has gone under. The company, founded by former MediaNews Group staffer Joshua Karp, attempted to put out a daily print paper made up of news and opinion that was plucked from the blogosphere. Editorially, this came with some issues (no pun intended), such as putting something in print that was written for the Web. Publishing cycles, writing style and context vary greatly between the two media as we wrote after the site’s launch. (read more…)

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