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Israeli start-up MobiApp announced today that it has received 800,000 from Maayan Venture Capital. MobiApp’s Mingler product is a mobile social network that works in close-range settings like bars and restaurants.

Using Bluetooth, it allows users to share info about each other, having some implications for bus dev (conference setting), dating (bars) or location-based social networking. It also seems like it could have spammy uses if it falls into the wrong hands.

From a user perspective, it joins the likes of other mobile social networks gaining steam such as Google Latitude and Loopt. As we’ve written, the three-way intersection of mobile, local and social will become an increasingly busy one.

The question is whether there is enough demand to create meaningful marketing opportunities — especially when inventory is spread thin at an extremely local level — i.e., Bluetooth range. The product will likely be tied to MobiApp’s developing mobile marketing platform, MobiAd.


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