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It’s always been a point of irony that Google, a company that has redefined advertising (and makes more than 99 percent of its revenues from advertising), does very little advertising of its own.

And when it does, it’s generally distributed on YouTube and produced in-house. This can involve a Google spokesperson talking in front of a camcorder about a new feature or a quirky song & dance. There’s been a clear uptick recently though — in both the frequency and quality of Google’s own promos.

A couple of examples from the past two days alone: Over the weekend I saw its latest ad for the Chrome browser played while watching an episode of “The Office” on Hulu (Chrome has been a product with which Google seems to be experimenting a lot in its advertising).

The second example goes back to the previous post on the new analytics features in the Local business center. The video it created to explain and promote the new features has decidedly greater production qualities than its traditional promos, including the examples above.

Maybe this is telling of a trend at Google. One thing’s for sure: If anyone can experiment and track the effectiveness of new methods, it’s Google. Keep your eyes peeled for more and better ads for Google products.

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