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Under the new leadership of CEO Carol Bartz, everything is up for review at Yahoo, and that probably includes HotJobs, its recruitment site. But recent press reports suggesting that HotJobs has already been designated for sale are off base.

The news stories are based on Bartz’s broad answer to a question about which Yahoo properties might be vulnerable. HotJobs has never been singled out.

The future of HotJobs is an especially important issue to many members of the 800-newspaper strong Yahoo consortium, which was initially put together to co-promote HotJobs as a national recruitment solution. HotJobs remains an important part of the consortium’s efforts, although some members of the consortium use other recruitment  solutions, such as There has been a lot of focus on behavioral targeting (SmartAds), as well as conversion and take rates.

Bartz herself has already made several gestures in support of the consortium. Last month, she appeared at the consortium’s affiliate meeting in Las Vegas.

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