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I like all the services using LinkedIn as their platform for social networking. The local implications haven’t really come into focus yet, but the latest publisher to put something out is BusinessWeek, with its Business Exchange.

Developed by former PowerOne Media tech guy Isaac Sacolick, Business Exchange uses LinkedIn profile information as a base, crawls the Web and leverages BusinessWeek’s audience to create, track and contribute topics and posts on any given subject — such as “Newspapers,” which is actually a pretty big subject.

Sacolick says people are always thinking they already organize their info with RSS. But the reality is that RSS is very ad hoc. “BX is organized by topics, already aggregates the top news and blog sources, and leverages the wisdom of the crowd to prioritize the most important topic,” he says. “It’s a simple way for business professionals to build up their online persona and should be really useful for business professionals, small-business owners, managers, MBA students and contractors who want to establish or promote their expertise.”

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