BigTribe’s Cool App: Mapping POI Right Into Banners

I’m not as big on the impact of maps on the local eco-sphere as some others. But here’s something that really knocks me out: a banner tool by BigTribe that lets advertisers post a map of local points of origination (franchise locations, etc.).

BigTribe’s mapping can either be built right into the ad or generated when users click on “search locations” or mouse over the ads. Check out this dummy ad for the U.S. Army, which maps area recruiting centers. If I wasn’t so old, I would certainly join.

The technology that is involved is the company’s unique system for assigning codes for all the different types of data (and even languages) that it pulls in from a range of sites. “We’ve componentized POI [Points of Interest],” says CEO and founder Dan Greening, noting that the company has various patents pending (for the “geographic personalization” technology, POI tech and advertising system).

Greening says the company’s banner format “makes it easy to get merchants involved.” The company doesn’t have advertisers set up for the banner ad yet, but its technology is already being used for golf tee times by MetroGuide. The company also works with a number of advertisers, including Open Table, and Park Whiz.

Greening himself is a PhD, and his five-year-old, five-person company has been dwelling in the brainiac zones of Washington, D.C., with multiple grants from the National Science Foundation prior to developing commercial apps.



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