On-Demand Service Urgent.ly Embeds Roadside Assistance With ParkWhiz

On-Demand Service Urgent.ly Embeds Roadside Assistance with ParkWhiz

It’s late, you’ve returned to your car after an evening ballgame to find the tire is flat. What do you do? With parking place reservation app ParkWhiz, a Chicago-based iOS and Android developer, the answer is now embedded in the same app you used to find and book the parking spot. The company has partnered with Urgent.ly, which provides roadside assistance to drivers, to offer Urgent.ly services in its app, at the touch of a button. ParkWhiz app users get immediate help and the company shares part of the revenue generated by Urgent.ly for the referral.

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A Mobile Local App That Saves Lives … Nice

Often we'll cover mobile apps that actually utilize the form factor (portability, location, camera, accelerometer, etc.). Not often enough, we'll cover apps that accomplish some degree of social good. Sometimes we'll hit up both, like with Good Guide or City…

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